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Editors of APCUG-member groups receive 20+ articles each month to be used in their newsletters. The articles are PUSHed to the editors via e-mail. PUSH articles are written by user group members, industry tech writers, etc. These articles are just one of the many benefits of membership in APCUG.

Computer clubs and user groups are encouraged to review the numerous benefits of APCUG membership and join the organization. You will find that the nominal $50 annual membership fee will give your officers and members many benefits that will enhance their user group experience. If you have any questions, please contact Judy Taylour.

Here's are some of the articles that have been sent to member-group editors:

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Beginning Drupal
Choosing a Mouse
Corel's PaintShop Pro Review
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Is It Time for a New PC?
LCD Monitors
Motorola ZOOM
Password Tracking
Right Click Surprises
Shut down, Sleep, Hibernate - Which one, when and why?
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Streaming Video
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Three Gadgets for Your Digital Camera
The Registry, What's It All About
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USB 3.0
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