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July-September 2006

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What Works

Kentucky - Indiana PCUG
Louisville, KY
Region 6
And the Winner is . . . . ?

Each month they draw a KIPCUG Member’s name from their membership roster. If the winning member is “in the house” they win a “jar full of money.” (Actually they write them a check!)

The Rules are simple. The member must be present to win, and they must have paid their dues. Each month they draw a member’s name and if they are not present, the pool increases by $10 until it reaches a maximum of $300.

Diablo Valley PC Users Group
Concord, California
Region 10
Special Raffle Promotion

Bring a guest to a DVPC meeting, you get 10 raffle tickets! If your guest joins at the meeting, you get 10 more raffle tickets — and your new member guest also gets 10 raffle tickets!!

Quad Cities Computer Society
Iowa / Illinois
Region 6
Cash on the Barrel Head!

Here is an opportunity for QCS members to obtain a chance for some cash. Each month, the entire QCS membership automatically is enrolled in a monthly raffle. All members have to do is to attend the meeting. At each main meeting, a member’s name will be drawn; the initial amount is $10. If no name is drawn, $5 will be added each month up to a total of $200.

Computer Club of Oklahoma City
Region 8

CCOKC recently initiated a new program where members who bring a guest will receive a thank-you gift. The guest cannot have been a previous member of the Club for at least six months prior to his or her visit. Only one gift will be given per member (or family) per month, no matter how many guests are brought. Since guests also might receive a prize, both member and guest will benefit. Please bring a guest to the meeting this month and receive a small token of our appreciation.

Interactive Computer
Owners Network
Springfield, Missouri
by Marion Garrett Region 7

The reason computer users need to belong to a computer users’ group can be summed up in one word: SYNERGY, derived from the Latin-Greek word “sunergen” (work together). Example : Geese flying in formation can travel 72 percent farther than if they flew on their own.

I think most of us can remember the radio and early TV show “Death Valley Days” sponsored by the Borax Company. The Borax Company coined the word “synergy” to represent the results of their study on how to move their product to market the cheapest way using a much different team combination. The result was that a team of 20 mules could out-perform all other team combinations.

In ICON, we benefit by working together as a team. Whenever we are stumped or need help, there are those present who can either answer our question or show us how to find the answer. Everyone learns, even the most skilled learn by the group study.

The incentive for the experienced computer instructor is that they learn by teaching. A teacher always learns things about their subject as they prepare the lesson, because they do not want to look like an idiot. Nonetheless, the teacher does know how to find the answer, or somebody in the class may provide the information to answer the question. No doubt, teaching is by far the best way for experienced users to learn more about computers.

There is no other place you can receive computer training at such a low price. In addition, look at the fun you have meeting new people and sharing your ideas with them.

If you are not a member, why not join? Now is the best time!

Northeast Ohio PC Club
Cleveland, Ohio

Starting July 1st through July 31st, the NOEPCUG had a “Christmas in July” membership opportunity. Current members can pay $20.00 (a savings of $5.00) dues during July and their renewal date, regardless of when that is, will be extended a full year. That means all members can take advantage of this concept. The only stipulation is that their check must be dated in July (not before or after).