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Pique Your Member’s Interest with Contests
Dick’s Devious, Dastardly “Web Scavenger Hunt”
Greater Tampa Bay PC User Group - Florida

Beginning with the March issue of the GTBPCUG’s newsletter, Bay Bytes, members are invited to begin an exploration of the Internet.  Each month, 20 questions will be posed, covering many topics.  The questions have been gathered from such games as Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy, and from personal investigation.  Everyone who compiles 50% of the total number of 200 questions will be eligible for a raffle to be held at the Christmas banquet.  Sharing of answers with fellow members is encouraged.  Answers won’t be accepted until December 1.

Dick Evans (the new editor of Bay Bytes) also includes a question or picture in the newsletter each month and members are invited to answer the question or identify the picture.  Answers need to be e-mailed (subject GTBPCUG Contest) to Dick by the end of the month prior to the next monthly meeting, and the winner is drawn from the names of those submitting the correct response.  On occasion, members have had to attach pictures in responses, giving SIG leaders an indication of members’ capabilities.