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APCUG Reports
April-June 2005

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Brisbug PC User Group, Inc. - Burpengary QLD

Northside SIG by Frank Klaus

We worked on several issues, mainly on fixing software problems and on picking up peripherals in several of the Linux distributions. USB (Memory sticks, mini disks and any other USB powered gadgets) can be tricky to pick up and implement into the Linux operating system. Next we loaded FEDORA 3.0 and gave that Linux variant a good workout. Please come along and join us at the Northside SIG.

Internet SIG by Nick Williams

Just recently I found out about a useful website that operates somewhat like an online encyclopedia. It is certainly not a search engine; more of an information archive itself. Have a look at With one click, delivers instant information, not Web links, laid out cleanly on one page. This could be the start of a new innovative technology on the Internet.