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APCUG Reports
April-June 2005

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Treasurer's Column
Steve Peyrot, Treasurer, APCUG

First and foremost, I want to extend to the entire membership of APCUG, a heartfelt thanks for one of the most successful annual conferences we have experienced in recent memory. The 2005 Annual Conference is one I will remember for a long time in terms of tremendous camaraderie by all the volunteers of our organ-ization as well as a willingness by all to support our organization both financially and through selfless efforts.

As I write this column, Joyce and I are still finalizing the posting of receipts, sending out the remaining invoices, and generally wrapping up the books of the 2005 Annual Conference. As soon as we conclude this process, I will provide the final report on the 2005 conference at the next available Board of Directors meeting.

Through a little effort on my part as well as that of our volunteers and other APCUG board members, the 2005 Annual Conference brought about a tremendous enthusiasm in respect with our Friends of APCUG program. In fact, the contributions generated as a result of our efforts and the wonderful passion and eagerness exhibited by our conference attendees, brought about the most contributions ever collected at a single event in the history of APCUG. I salute you all!! If you would like to know more about the Friends of APCUG program, please look ahead in this issue of Reports By the next issue, I should be ready to publish my formal mission statement on The Friends of APCUG program.

As I indicated at the conference and in my last issue of Reports, I have been working hard in creating a more streamlined and informative methodology of reporting our finances.

Beginning within the next few weeks, I will begin posting a monthly financial recap on our web site as well as providing a direct link to me for addressing questions and comments regarding our treasury. I think that it is imperative to provide our membership with this tool.

In addition to wrapping up the finances from the last conference, I have been quite busy on many other fronts. Already, I have begun very preliminary logistical preparations for the next “Dip” event at the 2006 Annual Conference. I can tell you only that it will be a blast from the past.

I have also performed a preliminary “business practice” level audit on our APCUG adminis-trative/finance office in preparation of having an internal independent type audit before this coming fall. As a result of recommendations approved at our strategic planning meting last November, I wanted to proactively perform a good analysis of where we stood before the actual audit takes place.

Lastly, I recently returned from the FACUG Spring Conference (Florida Association of Computer User Groups) and it was a very well managed event. All the classes, roundtables, and vendor events were truly top-notched. I can not thank Mary Sheridan and Larry Tyler enough for all their hospitality and tremendous efforts in making us feel so much “at home”.

Until next time, thank you for your continued support and communications. Please feel free to email me anytime with any comments or concerns.