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APCUG Reports
October-December 2005

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Starting Point

The Conference and Alliances Committees, along with the meeting planners, are busily putting the final details together for the annual conference in January.

This will be the last conference at the Stardust Hotel. The hotel will be taken down and rebuilt, following the trend of so many Las Vegas properties. The meeting planners have visited several other hotels and will be presenting their findings to the Board. Hopefully, a decision will be announced at the conference.

This issue of REPORTS contains a variety of information that user group members wanted to share. People Helping People is a theme prevalent throughout this issue.

Many of your Region Advisors pulled together your input to submit What Works. Great ideas and certainly some very worthy activities. I think we’re a wonderful association of talented and caring people. Certainly many of us have gone far beyond teaching others how to plug in peripherals!