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APCUG Reports
October-December 2005

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Who We Are
Submitted by Charlotte Semple, APCUG Advisor to Regions 13 and 14

Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Olanrewaju Oyewole, President

The Nigerian Association of Personal Computer User Groups (NAPCUG), Lagos State University Region, is an independent, volunteer-run nonprofit body devoted to helping user groups and dedicated to helping member computer user groups succeed in the University (for now). We are trying to foster communications by operating as an informal network between user groups. We are based at the Lagos State University, Ojo-Lagos.

The NAPCUG membership is open to all microcomputer user groups in the University and we are trying to extend to other Universities and the society at large. The genesis of NAPCUG was born after reading an article about APCUG in the Association of Computer Societies (ACS). I came together with 3 other close friends and shared my idea about APCUG with them and they were very positive about it. I decided that we would get the Region registered with the APCUG Headquarters. Since then, we have been having a series of discussions and internal meetings on how to get more members to share our ideas and how to get the best interest of computer users in the University.

The primary governing body of NAPCUG is a 6-person committee that takes care of the implementation of NAPCUC activities and daily management of the Region. NAPCUG is trying to establish and sustain a National Registry of PC User Groups. In the future it will provide this information to participating groups, publications, and vendors. By making this information available, more groups will be able to take advantage of services provided by manufacturers, pub­lishers, and publications.

NAPCUG encourages hardware manufacturers and software publishers to es­tablish formal user group support programs and provides them list­ings of NAPCUG member user groups to facilitate the implementation of such programs. And everybody knows the Africa market is a large, growing market for vendors and manufactures of hardware and software.

NPCUG is making plans and coordinating user group activities at major computer shows and expositions. These activities will include a series of professional develop-menu seminars for user group officers; computer product showcases and expositions. We are trying to showcase the awareness of the Region on the next International Lagos State Trade Fair.

Currently, we plan to have a large awareness program when the school resumes for the next academic section by late November. We hope to conquer the whole student force to be a part of this large society, called Oh Mighty! NAPCUG.