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Found on the Web
by Judy Taylour

Channel Islands PCUG, Camarillo, CA
The CIPCUG has a link on their Web site to the computer-related radio programs that are available in their Ventura County area. Their 20-page newsletter is "The Outer Edge" aka the TOE.

OCIPUG, the Orange Coast IBM PC User Group, CA has a link on their Web site to over 30 tutorials from AARP How To Guides to a Free Photoshop Elements 3 Online Course. Their newsletter is the README.DOC.

TUGNET, The Users' Group Network, Granada Hills, CA, is screening Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires at their Computing 101 meeting. Part 2 is June 27. This meeting also features the Hardware Lab where one of their professional computer expert volunteers will give a helping hand to anyone who is experiencing problems and is willing to bring in their computer. No need to bring the monitor but having your own keyboard and mouse is helpful. Their newsletter is Keywords.

Leisure Woods Village PC Club, CA offers night bus service for those members who don't drive at night. Their newsletter is the Leisure Bytes.

The Long Beach Computer Club moved to a new location in May and also have a new meeting night. They now meet at the Signal Hill Community Center on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Community service projects have always been a major part of the club. Over the years they have supported the local police & fire departments. They have taken part in wiring schools for internet access and have donated computers to local schools, girl scouts, churches, seniors and senior centers. They have also donated equipment, time and training to set up several computer labs in our local and adjacent communities. Their newsletter is the Interface.

The Ocean Hills Computer Club, CA, Web site has a guide for the Ocean Hills Computer Pages. These pages help us keep abreast of the latest computer news, tips and techniques. I will be here 24 hours a day 7 days a week to serve you. The guide's name is Ned, the Nerd. Their newsletter is The Club Connection.

The Under the Computer Hood User Group (UCHUG), San Diego, CA, had a social meeting in June. Their annual summer picnic meeting was at Crown Point on the northwest shore of Mission Bay. They gathered for a quick meeting at 5:50 PM and then socialized and discussed computer issues. Their newsletter is the Drive Light.

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