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Fund Raising Idea
from the Central Kentucky Computer Society, Inc.
Help CKCS ---- Buy Groceries!
By Ben Rice

You can donate to CKCS without taking any additional money out of your pocket. If you shop at Kroger, buying a Kroger card from CKCS and using it to pay for your purchases at Kroger, helps you help CKCS.

How does this work? First, buy a Kroger card from CKCS. The cost is $5.00, which is the value pre-loaded on each card. Add whatever you plan to spend to that amount. Next, take the card with you on your next trip to Kroger. At this point you already have $5.00 loaded on the card. For example, if you put $100.00 more on the card, then the total value at that time is $105.00. Do your shopping. Pay for your purchases using your Kroger card. (Some restrictions apply to what may be purchased with the card.)

Every time you add money to your Kroger card, that amount is added to the total loaded by CKCS members. Kroger sends a check for 4% of that total to CKCS, once per month usually. So, if 100 members re-load their cards with $100 each (total of $10,000.00), then Kroger sends a check for $400.00 to CKCS.

And the best part is that you did not have to spend even an extra dime to help CKCS!

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