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July-September 2006

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From the BODA Chair...
by Judy Taylour

Advisors have two permanent jobs: to facilitate communication between APCUG and user groups in their region and to assist the user groups in their region. Elsewhere in Reports you will find an article on how two advisors each assisted a group in their respective regions.

Your Advisor is your link to APCUG. They are as close as an e-mail away to assist with problems. All Advisors are currently, or have been, officers in their respective user groups. They've been there and done that and are willing to share information with all of their groups. If they don't know the answer to a problem, they can ask the assistance of the others advisors and directors, or reach out to the other user groups in their region. They will also help you navigate through APCUG's administration practices and act as your ombudsman if you're not getting the help you need. They are all dedicated to APCUG.

Advisors are also tasked with promoting APCUG to groups in their region that don't belong to the organization. If you know of a user group in your area that doesn't belong to APCUG, please let your Advisor know so they can send promotional material to that group.

They send out the monthly NOOZ to officers in their assigned user groups; it's full of useful information. If you're one of those officers, we hope that you take the time to thoroughly read it and pass the information on to your members. The way to ensure you receive NOOZ is to check your contact information in the database. If you aren't receiving NOOZ, have your president and APCUG representative look to make sure your information in the database is correct. If they have forgotten your group's log-in and/password, they can obtain the information by sending an email.

Make sure that your Advisor is receiving your group's newsletter, whether via mail or online. If you don't have time to write an article for Reports on something special that your group accomplished, your Advisor can find out what's happening in your group by reading your newsletter. Advisor contact information may be found elsewhere in Reports.

Advisors are all involved with their respective user groups: