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July-September 2006

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The Modesto PC User’s Group

Located in the northern San Joaquin Valley in California, MPCUG was founded in 1982. The MPCUG provides an opportunity for users of “IBM compatible” computers to meet and share information, expertise and ideas on the subject of computers in relation to our everyday use. But most importantly, the MPCUG exists for the sole purpose of users helping each other, thus their motto, “User Helping User.” They have a listing of Modesto hotspots on their homepage – a great idea for someone new to the area or just visiting. Also on their homepage is a link to the Microsoft Windows Update page, as well as a link to Virus - Trojan horses - Worms – Spyware definitions. Many of their members are very active on the Internet and have their own web pages and there are links to 10 member pages. The MPCUG has a number of resources to help novice users get more from their Windows-based computers. Their monthly newsletter, the PC Post offers articles and tips for their members, ranging from basic tips to articles on advanced topics. In addition to the PC Post, they offer a Beginner’s Special Interest Group (SIG) plus a number of other SIGs covering a variety of subjects.

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