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July-September 2006

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Community Service
Charlotte Semple, Chair
Community Service Committee

The Jerry Awards Contest started June 1, 2006 and ends September 30, 2006. There is plenty of time to enter one, or more of the three categories:

On Going

For information on the Jerry Awards please go to the APCUG Website, and surf down to Jerry Awards. Click on the word "Here" to learn about the three categories and their criteria.

There is a place to submit your user group's community service project in the 2006 Jerry Awards Contest, "Submit your group's project, here"

Also, if you have any question(s) for the Jerry Awards Committee, there is another, "click here".

We urge all user groups who have a community service project, no matter how small they think it is, to enter their project into the contest.

The Community Service Committee is pleased to announce that we have six judges for the contest:

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