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July-September 2006

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APCUG Benefits

The Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) is an International, platform-independent, volunteer-run nonprofit organization devoted to helping user groups offer better services to their members.
  1. Solutions to Your Problems It is little recognized, and is way underutilized, but the people who keep APCUG functioning are one of the greatest assets that member groups have going for them. These people have been there and done that! President, Vice President, Program Chair, you name it, they have probably done it. This means that, in all likelihood, whatever problems you are having, they have had in the past and have dealt with it! Every User Group has an Advisor assigned to it, and if they are unable to help they will send your request to all the Board of Directors and Board of Advisor members. You are sure to get some solutions back.
  2. Monthly NOOZ Communication sent to User Group Leaders Each month your Regional Advisor sends out NOOZ which includes a variety of information regarding APCUG, your own region, vendors, contests, and much more.
  3. Quarterly Reports sent to User Group Leaders Every quarter, APCUG sends out its official publication, Reports, to each User Group's leaders. It is full of information, event news, advice and contact information.
  4. Neighbors to Help Out! With over 300 member groups, there are probably several groups within a 250 mile radius of yours. Look them up on the APCUG web site via the User Group Locator and get to know them! Share presenters, help each other, cross-advertise. Everyone benefits.
  5. Attract Vendors for Presentations Being part of APCUG gives you an inside track to hosting Vendor Presentations. An excellent way to attract Vendors is to team up with neighboring UG's so they can make presentations on consecutive days. This lets them justify the high cost of sending someone to your meeting.
  6. Web Site Well worth the time to investigate! Our web site not only showcases current news and breaking information, it also contains all kinds of: Tips & Tricks for Running Your User Group, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, contact points, UG Locator, past issues of the APCUG Reports, vendor contact information, Online UG Newsletters, articles for newsletters, free web space for User Groups, and a Web Board so that groups can hold meetings on line, etc, etc!
  7. Web Page Hosting For UG's that are unable to find online space locally, APCUG has the facilities you need!
  8. WebBoard With WebBoard you can set up a conference area for each of your officers, SIGs, and members so they can communicate with fellow members between meetings. This is accessible via the Web, through a Mailing List interface, or through a News Reader interface. The WebBoard offers chat room access for all conferences.
  9. Free and Discounted Offers from Vendors APCUG member groups periodically receive information regarding vendor discounts that can be passed on to their members.
  10. Annual Conference - No Better Value in the World! Every year, APCUG has a huge conference in Las Vegas. The Annual Conference is packed full of workshops, information, networking opportunities with the participating vendors, demonstrations of the newest products and a Vendor Exhibition and Reception!
  11. Regional Events The Annual Conference is not the only game in town! If you are unable to travel to Las Vegas, then check out the website for regional conferences. Just like APCUG's Annual Conference these annual events will help everyone who attends and are held in Florida, Washington, San Diego and Chicago.
  12. Jerry Awards Named after one of APCUG's founders, Jerry Schneider, the Jerry Awards provide recognition for many APCUG groups that are involved in community service projects of all sizes and scope. The purpose of the Jerry Awards is to recognize and reward these projects and to encourage new and expanded involvement. These projects exemplify how the mottoes of "users helping users" and "user groups helping user groups" have evolved into "user groups helping the community."
  13. Bonus Newsletter Articles Every month, APCUG sends articles to UG Editors for use in their newsletters. The articles are written by UG members, professionals, and occasionally vendors. They are an attractive option for Editors who would like help in filling out their newsletter.
  14. User Group Newsletters Online Check out the Online Newsletter list for program ideas, articles and much more.
  15. How-To Guides The APCUG website has excellent "How-To" guides to organize a user group, including examples of Articles of Incorporation, constitution, by-laws, budget help, and lots of extra's.
  16. Help for Your User Group Information for program chairs, growing your user group, newsletter & PR guidelines and more have been compiled from various sources including past APCUG conferences and regional events.
  17. Presentations-in-a-Box (Help for your UG Meetings) Check this section out for alternatives to having a vendor present at your meeting.

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