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January-March 2007

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The Shadow Knows

Did you know there was an APCUG annual conference in Las Vegas recently? What a terrific event, and it seemed to have gone off without a hitch. At least that’s what all the attendees seemed to think. And I’d guess that’s what the conference Chairpeople thought, too.

Did you know that there was a roundtable with pictures of conference attendees for the last twenty or thirty years? Did you know that the polo shirts this year had long sleeves and a pocket? Did you know that this year there was $12,000.00 given away to worthy groups doing community service? Did you know the hospitality suite was officially dubbed the Vista Lounge (wonder why that was?)? Did you know that Corel had all the photo contest entrants in another breakout room that even outsiders could wander in and gush over how great they all were and how difficult it was to choose one for the People’s Choice Award? Did you know that once again attendees were complaining that they couldn’t attend all the sessions they wanted to? Did you know that I almost ran smack into Tom Selleck in our conference area hallway?

Does knowing what you missed out on make you think that next year they won’t start without you? Do you have any idea who is writing this article? He/she surely does ask an awful lot of questions…