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Pros and Cons for a
Mailed Printed Newsletter and e-Newsletter List
Topeka PC Users Club, Kansas

As with many groups, the cost of producing and mailing a printed newsletter is a major expense for the TPCUC.

The club exists on the revenue generated by the membership dues (approximately 80 members) and the 50/50 drawing. They have been fortunate to have a little extra income from the software drawing the past few months. On the other hand, they have not had any advertising in their newsletter for quite some time, and no one has volunteered to help the club generate any income by that means.

TPCUCís Executive Board wants to make the best choice based on what the majority of members want to receive although it does seem that receiving the newsletter in an electronic format is the next step in the evolution of their club.

The Board came up with a suggestion to cut costs:

Instead of mailing the newsletter, it could be created in PDF format (in full color). An e-mail will be sent to all members with the newsletter attached. To allow members time to try this format, the February newsletter will be in PDF format and will alternate with a printed version mailed in March. In April, it will be presented to members again in PDF format. By alternating the receipt of the paper copy for a few months, members will have time to evaluate the change.

Their January meeting featured a presentation on the Portable Document Format. What is a PDF? How is a PDF used? How do I create a PDF? All of this and more was answered at their meeting.

The check-off list for the Pros and Cons for a printed newsletter v. an e-newsletter list is below.

Pros for Paper Newsletter

Cons for Paper Newsletter

Pros for e-Newsletter

Cons for e-Newsletter