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APCUG Reports
July-September 2007

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The IBMPCUG of Redding
by Jane Quinn

The IBMPC User’s Group of Redding aka “Computer User’s Group of Redding” started in the Windows 3.1 era. We have persevered because of our philosophy of sharing what we know and learning together. Our SIGs offer instruction several times a week on multi media projects such as creating DVD movies, photo slideshows, photo editing, MP3 music players, Desktop Publishing and understanding Microsoft’s Windows OS systems XP and Vista. We have a great newsletter, the Motherboard, which delivers insightful software and hardware information each month to our members. Our website link is:

Digital Image Suite 2006

Reviewed May 03, 2007
Topic: the Library
in Digital Image Suite
SIG group: Multi Media Group
SIG leader Jane Quinn

How do you find a particular picture on your computer after you’ve transferred it from your camera to your computer??

With Digital Image Suite 2006 Library software you can easily organize, locate and archive. Use the Import Wizard to copy the pictures from your camera to your computer Pictures folder, and catalogue them in the library. Type a name for the subfolder and this becomes the name for the pictures as well. Use the Label Painter to create a label name as part of the picture stored information. There are assigned default labels for Print. Use this label information to quickly “select” pictures or videos by these tags. Take a minute ( which is all it takes ) to watch the tutorial video that comes with the Library help portion. In seconds you will discover all these tools that will help you quickly organize your multi-media files. See how you can assign ratings to your pictures. Assign a 5 star rating to your best pictures. Dazzle your friends by quickly choosing only those 5-star pictures and immediately launch slideshow while still in the library program. This slideshow icon appears next to the PhotoStory tab. Yes, you can also build a Photo Story 3 from your filtered photo choices while still in the library. Amazing stuff. Watch the video and see how simple this tool is to use.

How can I easily archive my pictures and videos using Digital Image Library???

You can use the Archive wizard to save pictures and videos from your computer to a CD or DVD. Then you can remove the files from your computer and regain that storage. This program has several features for archiving, including settings to erase the original pictures and videos after they are safely archived. The reminder settings can prompt you to archive your files every month. There are lots of control settings to activate. For example, you can archive only new files and files that have been modified. Or you can prompt the wizard to stop and remind you later. However, using the library is a simple and easy way to create your inventory of pictures and videos for safe keeping.

Can I change the creation date of an image file? My camera’s was set to the wrong date when I took my pictures. How can I fix that?

Yes you can change the Date Created when you’re in the Digital Image Suite library. Select the picture, click the right mouse button and select Properties. Either type over the wrong date or click on the drop down arrow to select from an image calendar. Now you can safely archive your pictures with the proper date affixed to the image.

Jane Quinn
Vendor Relations
Computer User's Group of Redding
( AKA IBM PC User's Group of Redding )
Frontier Computer Club- Instructor & Secretary