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APCUG Reports
July-September 2007

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The User Group motto of "Users Helping Users" evolved into APCUG's role of "User Groups Helping User Groups." The next logical step in the evolution was "User Groups Helping the Community." Groups with Community Service projects should check out the article on page 5 for information on this year’s Jerry Award competition, and there are some good ideas in articles on page 4 and 7. Newsletter, Web, and Photo contests are covered in articles on 8.htm through 12.

As the article on page 13 indicates, we are hoping to schedule an event on the East Coast, and we definitely have major plans for a 2008 Convention in Las Vegas; see the articles on page 13 and 14, and make plans to attend.

An article on How to Publicize Your Group and Recruit New Members on page 16 arrived too late for last quarter’s issue.

We have reports on activities in more than half of our regions: 1 (page 23), 2 (page 18), 3 (page 27), 4 (page 29), 6 (page 30), 12 (page 20), and 13 (page 21).

There are a number of additional excellent articles. Happy Reading.