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APCUG Reports
July-September 2007

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Region 12
(AK, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA, WY)
Clint Tinsley, Advisor

We currently have 15 APCUG member groups in Region 12. Region 12 consists of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Alaska, Wyoming and Montana are not presently represented in the APCUG membership.

Boeing Employees’ Computer Society is doing well, that new Boeing Dreamliner is soaring and BECS is flying as well. Must be contagious. The May 23rd meeting featured Excel with an excellent handout that is downloadable from their website Too bad you have to be a Boeing Employee to join this group. The June 23rd meeting is featuring a Digital Imaging Learning Seminar. BECS also has 6 Special Interest Groups currently meeting a wide range of interests.

Another very active group in the Northwest, also with a number of SIGs, and a full calendar is TAPCUG, The Tacoma Area PC Users Group, On their website you can find their meeting schedules and the latest copies of their Data Line newsletters in PDF. The June 9th meeting featured the winners of their 2007 Spring Photo Contest.

It should be noted that the Tacoma area is very active with at least two member groups in APCUG plus there is planning for a Raincoast Conference in 2008, which has historically been in Tacoma. This has been a great conference in the past and we are looking forward to its reincarnation in 2008. Another active group in Tacoma is Toggle, the Tacoma Open Group which takes care of the first three letters in Toggle ... Catchy name. They have a very busy and active website which you might want to take a look at where you will find their online newsletter along with other resources.

Moving south on the coast to Portland, you will find the Portland PC Users Group, their website is A very active group and they will be enjoying the presence of the renown User Group evangelist Gene Barlow at their July 11th Meeting. He will be presenting one of the subjects near and dear to his heart “Maintaining a Trouble Free PC and Hard Drive” The group also has a number of Special Interest Group reaching out to their membership and promotes computer recycling.

I am happy to report that a number of user groups are alive and well in the Pacific Northwest. Next Quarter, we will move a little inland and report on the Nevada and Idaho groups before moving off shore to Hawaii. Boy, if I could just go there.

You might also want to check out the APCUG website for the User Group Spotlight on a regular basis. Your User Group may be in the Spotlight.