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APCUG Reports
July-September 2007

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From the President

A Face to Face meeting was held in Tulsa on June 1-3, and we had 17 members of the APCUG Board of Directors and Board of Advisors in attendance.

During that meeting over 20 teams of Champions were formed to address various tasks, many of which may result in new benefits and services for member groups. These will be discussed more fully in future issues of APCUG Reports as they get closer to being completed.

For now I would like to cover two of them, because I am going to ask for your help on both. We are considering redesign of the APCUG Web Site and APCUG Reports.

APCUG Web Site

Do you have a website design that you feel we should consider? It may be your UG's website, or it may be some other UG's web site, or it may be some other site altogether. But if you think our website would be more useful if it looked like that website, then please send the URL of the site, together with a description of exactly what aspects of that site you feel we should adopt, to

I am still looking for several more volunteers to serve on the On Line Services (OLS) committee. Do you have anyone in your UG (your WebMaster, or some other member) that you feel can help us come up with online solutions to help APCUG and its member User Groups? I need someone with experience with cgi-scripts, someone with experience with WebSite Statistics (we used to have LiveStats on our server, but somehow it disappeared, and I would like to replace it with something more current), a volunteer or two who really know Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and someone who knows how to set up and maintain a Linux Web Server. Initially I am focused on services that APCUG uses, but if volunteers have ideas for services that APCUG can install and make available to its member UGs, I am definitely interested in that as well.

APCUG Reports

While we are redesigning things we would like to take a look at APCUG Reports. Do you have any suggestions that would make APCUG Reports easier for you to use? If so please send them to

I am also looking for help with the Publications committee. Right now APCUG Reports is published using Adobe PageMaker (version 6.5), because that is what I used when publishing the TCS Tabloid Newsletter, but I would like to begin using Adobe InDesign, and need some committee members familiar with it. I am hoping to use it, together with Microsoft Share Point services so that we can have several people working on the layout. That way if any one person is sick or unable to work, we can still get the issue out on time. Do you have anyone in your UG (your Editor, or some other member) that is familiar with InDesign, and who would be willing to help on the APCUG Report team?

We are also looking for candidates to run for APCUG Director and APCUG Advisor. If you are interested, please see the article on page 31. The candidates that are up for election are Jay Ferron, Steve Peyrot, and Ira Wilsker for Director, and Sam Wexler, Gabe Goldberg, David Steward, Bob Kwater, and Clint Tinsley for Advisor.