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July-September 2007

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Windows Vista Compatibility Logos
Important Note for User Group Editors
by Ash Nallawalla

Editors, when publishing any review of hardware or software, please ask the writer to mention if the product is certified for Windows Vista or works with it. If it is, please print the appropriate logo with the article, so that your members will know to look for it when they make a purchase. Windows Vista does not work with certain older software or hardware and some of those incompatible products might still be on shelves, often at attractive prices.

These are two main logos you will encounter most of the time:

There are two superseded logos that were used prior to the launch of Windows Vista:

Those products might have worked with the betas but might not with the released version. It is best for users to avoid those products if there is any likelihood that they might upgrade to Windows Vista in the future.

There are also two Windows Vista logos you will see on computers. The white one signifies a Premium experience, such as the Windows Aero effects, multimedia, high bandwidth networking and so on. The gray Basic logo denotes meeting minimum specifications for using Windows Vista. In my opinion, no computer enthusiast would want a Basic device, but it might suffice for lightly used PCs such as ones used for occasional web browsing and email.

For a list of applications that have earned either current logo, please see:

There is plenty of published content about the logos but you can get a good overview at:

For a light-hearted overview, check out:

You can download the logos from and keep them at hand for use in your newsletter.