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July-September 2007

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APCUG to Offer “Clearinghouse” for UG PowerPoint Presentations
By Ira Wilsker, APCUG Board of Directors

Many of the user groups are all too well aware that it is becoming more difficult to find presenters and presentations for our periodic user group meetings. To help resolve this predicament, APCUG is offering to collect and disseminate PowerPoint presentations that have been created for presentations to user groups.

PowerPoint presentations submitted to APCUG for dissemination will be housed on and groups will be able to download the presentations, as needed. PowerPoints submitted may be either self-explanatory, which only need to be run by the recipient group, or may be narrated by the original presenter. If narration is necessary, it will be the responsibility of the user group using the PowerPoint presentation to coordinate with, and arrange for the narrator to call in to the user group meeting where the presentation is being shown. Narration may be done in person, by phone, VoIP connection (such as Skype), voice chat on instant messaging services, NetMeeting, or any other agreeable method. By implementing and utilizing this PowerPoint dissemination approach, user groups of any size may then be able to offer their members programs from a greater selection of resources.

Judy Taylour, Chair, Member Services will collect and compile the PowerPoint presentations. Please send your contributions to To start the process, I contributed two of my recent presentations, one on Cyber Crime, and one on Identity Theft. The Identity Theft presentation I contributed has some Texas specific slides in it which would be easy for me or the host user group to modify to reflect information for any other state. I would be willing to narrate either PowerPoint presentation for any APCUG member user group on a time and facilities available basis.

Now, it is time for other user groups to ask their presenters who use PowerPoint if they would be willing to share their work with other user groups. Appropriate credit will be given to the person making the presentation.

For more information on this APCUG benefit, you can contact Judy Taylour at or me at