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Recycling Event
by Robert Lee Vance (Bob)
Licking County Computer Society (LCCS)
APCUG Region 3 Advisor

The Licking County Computer Society conducts a semi annual recycling event in May and September. During each of the past two events our club was able to keep nearly four semi truck loads of old computers and electronics out of landfills. The last event in September amounted to 55,822 lbs of materials

Our recycling event is a three fold project. Not only do we keep old systems out of the land fills. We salvage some of the computers to use them in our MARís program (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher) program. Additionally we will glean parts from computers that are donated for recycle. These parts are used in support of our Repair Sig. The criteria that we use to decide on recycling or scrapping is: Monitors must not be manufactured before 2000 HP Printer Series 600 will have ink cartridges pulled for reuse. HP Printer Series 700 will be evaluated for possible reuse. Printers from other manufactures will be evaluated and probably scrapped. Hard Drives of less than 8 GB will be scrapped. All scanners will be scrapped.

CD less than 50x and manufactured before 2000 will not be saved. Dial Up 56K modems and Ethernet cards will be pulled and saved. RAM modules will be evaluated and saved if there are 64MB or greater. Sound and video cards will be evaluated and saved if 128MB or better. All laptops are evaluated and designated as scrap or capable of being refurbished.

The Repair Sig generates money for the club as well as new members in that we accept donations for the work that is done on the computers. A special thank you goes out to Terry Hill the owner of Contour Forming who allows us to use his warehouse as staging area to collect and ship the pallets of recycled computer components.

Digital Images of event with captions