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Return on Investment
Terry Roberts, President
Interactive Computer Owners Network

ICON (Interactive Computer Owners Network) in Springfield, Missouri, lets members know their ROI (Return on Investment) from their yearly dues

Terry Roberts, President

ICON currently offers more help, in more areas, with more ways to access it, than at any time in our history! I am very concerned however, that many members don’t understand how to access and/or utilize the resources available to us. Beginning with this article I’m going to work harder at solving that problem.

Those who provide help make themselves available more than 13 hours each month so each of us can ask whatever questions we have. On days when we hold multiple sessions, we are never offended if people (members or visitors) attend only one session and leave afterwards. If your interest/question is limited to one or two specific areas, attend the session(s) that focus on your area(s) of interest. If you are unable to attend any of the sessions we hold during three days each month, you can access our help resources in several other ways.

Following is an overview of all the many ways that ICON currently makes help available:

  1. Eleven (11) monthly functions (open to anyone, members and non-members). Beginning in December, these functions include:
  2. We have the opportunity to preview (and/or stay informed when we are unable to attend) the information to be covered during ANY of our functions, by visiting the web page dedicated to that function at ICON’s web site web site ( In the main navigation (the blue section on the left side), click the appropriate function (Monthly Program, or SIGs/Training > SIG title), and follow the links to the information that will be covered in that session. Any related Internet links that are referenced in the program are available from this page.

  3. As ICON members, we all have the privilege of borrowing tutorial materials from our extensive education library, covering virtually every conceivable topic of interest to computer users.

  4. ICON’s online forums are available 24/7. Members can ask questions about any computer related topic, and (almost always) receive a response within a few hours. By using this method, each of us helps one another by having our questions (as well as the answers), available to everyone else, without waiting for (or attending) the next function.

  5. ICON’s “Help Line” is published each and every month in our newsletter. Faye Patrick is only one of ten (10) ICON members who are willing to provide telephone help with questions in various areas of interest.

  6. If all else fails, a house call may be the best solution for some problems. In that case, ICON will continue trying to provide the help our members need by scheduling a home visit from someone who can troubleshoot our problems, but this must be a last resort...not the first!
Each and every one of ICON’s members is important to the success of the organization, and in order to do the best it can for all of us, each of us must learn to use the available resources efficiently. We must realize that we are one of many.

To provide customized help for each individual would require even more hours and functions, coupled with considerably more manpower than we have available. Please help us provide the best (and most) possible help for the largest number of members by: