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by Don Singleton

I believe out Live Meeting service is the best tool to use for General Meetings so that members who must stay at home, or who are traveling on meeting nights, can watch the program, but there are other options which may be more appropriate for small sig meetings. One is Microsoft’s SharedView, but Jim Evans ( from the Greater Cleveland PCUG points out that Mikogo and Skype have teamed up to provide "Creating seamless Web conferences with screen sharing, voice, instant chat, and video – without paying a cent!"

At times it is impossible to be in the right place at the right time. However with Mikogo you are now able to meet freely on the Internet at any time and from any place. A hassle-free easy-to-use screen sharing application, Mikogo allows users to organize and join free online meetings from any PC over the Internet and share each others’ screens. Sounds simple, and it is.

Thanks to the Skype Partnership, Mikogo provides a way for users to incorporate free screen sharing within a Skype conference call. Together, Mikogo and Skype provide the perfect Web conferencing solution, complete with Internet calls, screen sharing, instant chat, and video. And at no cost!

What is Mikogo?

Developed as a free tool with the private user in mind, Mikogo provides an easy-to-use online meeting tool, equipped with valuable features to ensure the perfect desktop sharing experience. During a meeting, users are able to:

See for more information.